Philip K Dick’s work is coming to TV

24 August 2017


If you’re a hard science fiction fan, it’s likely the works of one Philip K Dick need no introduction.

If you’re reaction to that headline is “Philip K who?” here’s a brief primer. Dick is easily one of the most influential sci-fi writers of all time. The themes in his work have covered head trips, mind trips, alternative history and the nature of what it means to be human.

His books have been adapted into both film and television and the list is pretty extensive. Perhaps the best known adaptations are Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and the recent television series on Amazon Prime, The Man In The High Castle. That having been said, there’s some schlock in his film catalogue too, including Screamers and Paycheck.

Now, news has emerged that some of Dick’s short stories are going to be adapted for a television series produced by Bryan Cranston, called Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams. Have a gander at the trailer below.

The series will run for ten episodes and, from the looks of the trailer, seems to channel the rather low-fi science fiction aesthetic that ran through some of Dick’s work. The cast looks impressive too, including the like of Cranston, Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin and Steve Buscemi.

Now, there’s obviously no word yet as to when – or even if – Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams will be broadcast in South Africa, but you know, stranger things have happened. Whether it gets picked up by a local broadcaster – streaming or otherwise – we just thought it pertinent to put this baby on the radar of our sci-fi loving readers.

Source: htxt