BBC launches Pidgin digital service for its West African audiences

24 August 2017


BBC World Service starts a new language service for its digital platforms in English- based Pidgin for West and Central Africa. Pidgin is one of the most widely spoken languages in the region yet not officially recognised. This move of the BBC is part of the World Service s biggest expansion following the government funding boost in 2016.

About the language being offered as a service from BBC, Bilkisu Labaran, the editorial lead of the new BBC service says: It s an informal lingua franca. It is a language that really unites people and cuts across all sorts of barriers ethnic, regional and socio- economic.

BBC Pidgin is to provide a mix of local, regional and international news, current affairs and analysis. The BBC also added that the new digital service could be enjoyed by a younger audience and women.

Along with this new language service the BBC also plans to offer more mobile and video content and a greater social media presence. It seeks to improve its TV services across the African continent and to add more than 30 new TV programmes for partner broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: NexTV Africa