Trace TV to launch TV channel; Trace Kitoko in DR Congo

24 August 2017


Olivier Laouchez, co-founder and general manager of Trace TV, announced during a conference the launch of two major channels in Kinshasa. These channels will focus only on music and Congolese culture.

The contract with Africell is also expected to enable more than 3.7 million users of this mobile phone company to download free videos with Trace Play. The second project announced by Trace TV CEO Olivier Olivier Laouchez, is the new cable channel Trace “Kitoko” which will broadcast 100% Congolese programs, interviews, events, series, music, modes or documentaries.

Laouchez invites Congolese artists to comply with international standards to facilitate the diffusion of their works. According to the DG of Trace TV, audio and video clips must be less than 4 minutes long to be accepted and broadcast around the world. Congolese entrepreneur Ethel Ngombe, DG of 360 communication, will represent Trace TV in the DRC.

Among other things, it will have the task of selling advertising and special operations on behalf of this medium. Since 2003, based on a magazine published in the United States, Trace has built the first brand related to music and urban entertainment that is currently bringing together artists, celebrities and urban content brands with over 150 million fans in the world.

Trace Urbain, Trace Africa and Trace Mziki, are the three Trace channels regularly followed in the DRC. Africell CEO Omar Khodr said he was pleased with the collaboration between the two companies. According to him, Africell is present in 4 countries namely the Gambia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and the DRC with more than 10 million subscribers.

Source: NexTV News