New South African movie showtime aggregation website launches

24 August 2017


Forefront Media Group launches a comprehensive movie site that allows users to search by cinema, title, and location, cutting unwanted visits to multiple cinema sites.

Where typically South African movie-goers search multiple websites (Ster,-Kinekor Nu Metro, @movies, Cinecentre, Noveau etc) to find the showtime for the movie of their choice, offers a one-step solution, displaying all available data clearly and accessibly.

By clicking on the showtimes menu item visitors to the site can see all available movies and their respective showtimes at a location of their choice.

Creator and CEO of Forefront Media Group, Ryan Haidarian, says, “I work in an area that has 3 Ster-Kinekor’s, a NuMetro, a CineCentre, and an @movies cinema all within a 7km radius. We love movies and go quite often but every time we wanted to go, we had to open 4 tabs in a web browser to see all of the showtimes at the different cinema chains”.

In order to alleviate the time consuming ritual, Haidarian created, which includes reviews and ratings of the movies it displays: “That was another thing. We had to go to metacritic to see reviews and metadata on the films we were interested in. Now It’s all right there in one spot”. shows all movie times for all cinemas based on their proximity to the user as well as all of the reviews, trailers, posters and metadata.

“My kid uses the site too. He clicks on the latest superhero movie and sees all of the cinemas it’s playing at closest to us and at what time”.

Cinemas and showtimes are ranked by distance from the location a visitor is currently at or one they enter. Formats (3D, 2D, IMAX, 4DX) are also included.

“Future plans include selling tickets directly through the site”, concludes Haidarian.

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