First BRICS film co-production released

8 September 2017


The ninth meeting of BRICS leaders will be held in Xiamen. The film "Where Has Time Gone ? ", is a shortcut to understand culture and customs of other four countries. It is also the first time that five filmmakers have co-produced a film in history. “Where Has the Time Gone,” a multi-national five-part feature from Brazil’s Walter Salles, Aleksey Fedorchenko from Russia; Madhur Bhandarkar from India, Jia Zhangke from China, and Jahmil X.T.Quebka from South Africa.

The film, which is about 110 minutes long, consists of 5 short stories, each telling a little story. At the end of each story, a meaningful word appears on the big screen to connect to the next short film.

Brazil's story "When The Earth Trembles" is a story about how the victims rebuild their lives after a mudslide disaster.

Russia's short film “Breathing” , it is the beginning of love about a world of ice and snow, and mutual suspicion of the couple, the man was injured in a chase. The girl used accordion for the treatment. This scene, according to Russian director Alekskiy Fedochico inspired by the story on the Internet many years ago in China, he made it into the film.

South Africa's story, "Stillborn", was the "most surprising" thing as Quebka made a sci-fi movie. The story is set in the future of the world, about the fate of mankind by the program set up ahead, but the actress was unwilling to "the whole arrangement" life, in revolt and escape journey, she found a big secret.

A short chapter “Mumbai Mist” is about a lonely old man accidentally met a street boy, two people become "friendship between generations”. China's story is called “Revive”, directed by Jia Zhangke, the story talked about a couple in Shanxi whether wanted the second child.

Source: Sino Times