‘Trophy’ Filmmakers Explain How The Film Became More Than an Anti-Trophy-Hunting Exposé

6 October 2017


When filmmakers Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau first set out to make their stunning documentary “Trophy,” about the complex industry of big-game hunting and conservation in Africa and the U.S., they thought it would be an exposé.

“We really wanted to shame the industry,” Clusiau said in a Q&A after a screening of the film at the International Documentary Association’s annual documentary screening series. “And then we realized it’s not so black and white.”

When they met South African rhino farmer John Hume, who argues that the legal trade of rhino horn will prevent poaching and keep the species alive, Zimbabwean anti-poaching wildlife officer Chris Moore, who works to keep communities safe from predators in part by working with big game hunters, and many others featured in the film, their opinion changed.

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