New BBC Somali radio series addresses drought

6 October 2017


A unique new series, Ogaal, that will help Somalis cope during the current drought, begins on Tuesday 3 October on BBC Somali.

Ogaal will air three times a week, at 5.40pm EAT on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and each show will be 15 minutes long. All of the programmes will also be available online at

Listeners will hear stories from all parts of the country about the impact of the drought and reports of how humanitarian bodies, the authorities and the affected communities themselves are responding.

The series is a collaboration from BBC Somali, Radio Ergo, and BBC Media Action and will contain a dedicated segment in each edition that will provide lifeline information. This will include advice on what plans people can put in place to deal with the drought and potential lack of food - and provide examples from what is working elsewhere in the country.

Abdullahi Abdi, BBC Somali Editor, says: “BBC Somali’s ongoing commitment to telling the stories of its audience as well as bringing them impartial, accurate reporting is furthered by this great collaboration. This programme will enable us to show the way to survival to the most vulnerable people at this difficult time of drought.”

Source: BBC Media Centre