State of the Arts: What to See at the Upcoming Love Queer Cinema Week, Nov 1-5

2 November 2017


The China-Africa short films screening (Nov 4, 1pm) is one not to be missed as it looks to answer questions regarding other queer subjectivities and experiences and how they relate to the ones we perceive in China, especially those coming from a few regions in Africa. Some of the short films included in this bold section are I Am Sheriff (Teboho Edkins, South Africa, Lesotho, 2017), None on Record (Tash N. Dowell, Zimbabwe, China, 2017) and Invincible (Joel Zilala, Zimbabwe, China, 2017).

We’ve listed here just a few of the many options that are part of this year’s selection as an appetizer, but strongly encourage you to take a look at the full program via the Institut Français website here – tickets are on sale at the Institut Français. Pay particular attention to the short film sections, which include many daring selections coming from Mainland China.

Raed the full article on the Bell Jinger here.