Malawi: Shemu Joyah Calls for More Professional Film Reviews

1 December 2017


Blantyre — Managing Director of First Dawn Arts and award-winning film producer, director and screenplay writer, Shemu Joyah has called on the media industry to come up with more professional film reviews, saying that will help promote the budding industry in the country.

Joyah made the advice over the weekend following calls by the general public that his new film Road to Sunrise be screened again after it was premiered a few weeks ago.

"I only saw one review in the papers and even that particular review left out a lot of issues that are so pertinent in the film. Otherwise what I observed was people just summarising the film, which is not reviewing," he said.

He added that in their review, some local media houses summarised his new film as talking about exploitation of women through sex industry, gender-based violence, mob justice and women self-empowerment. He said there is more to it than just what was said of his film.

"I think that while our film industry is growing, all sectors, including cinema, has to grow too. It's a pity that someone trying to write for cinema does not know the ingredients of different genres of cinema so he or she criticises a drama using elements that are supposed to be for a thriller," he pointed out.

Joyah added that screening the film again at the movie theatre will help Malawians to assess the film closely and grab its concept but also bring back the cinema culture that was existent in the 70s and 80s.

"We see that this film has raised a lot of interest and it is an important film that needs to be seen by as many people as possible, particularly Malawians, since it is talking about real Malawian issues," he said.

Source: Mana online