Ethiopia: New Film Policy Set to Promote Industry, Cultural Values

1 December 2017

Regulation & Policy

The new Film policy that has come into effect as of November 2017 would help promote the film industry and contribute to the preservation of cultural values, said Ministry of Culture and Tourism at a half-day long discussion here yesterday.


Speaking at the occasion which brought film industry practitioners, university professionals and stakeholders together, Ministry Cultural Industry Development and Cooperation Director Desta Kassa said the policy would play a significant role to lead, facilitate and promote the industry properly while raising benefits to the film professional.


"The policy encourages production of films on traditional values of the country. It also details on various issues on human resource development, film production, distribution, innovation, freedom and among others."


The policy is put in place after successive discussion with, actors, professionals, stakeholders and audience, Desta emphasized.


"Currently, the portrayal of Ethiopia through various local films is not properly representing the values of the people. It has to promote the diverse cultures of the country's nation, nationalities and peoples as well."


Presenting a paper on the discussion Art Expert Sertse Fresibehat underlined that the film industry should attract audiences and play its role acquainting the public with the country's hidden socio-cultural values.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald