Condriac launches streaming platform CondriacLive

1 December 2017

Technology & Convergence

Live streaming is without a doubt the hottest trend of 2017, and Condriac’s in-house initiative, Condriac Live, aspires to be at the forefront of eSports and live streaming entertainment in South Africa. Streaming has taken over the world in the last few months, with most smartphone apps now having the capability to go ‘live’ and broadcast video to viewers globally. TwitchTV is the biggest streaming platform available, and when Amazon bought the company for a whopping $970 Million eyebrows were raised across the entertainment industry. TwitchTV allows anyone with an internet connection the ability to stream gameplay, talk shows or tutorials to a voraciously hungry online audience.

It is clear to eagle-eyed marketers and business people that Twitch and gaming, in general, is the new hot spot. The gaming industry is worth more than the film and music industry combined. Before the scramble to latch on to these platforms reaches a fever pitch, leading Johannesburg integrated communication agency, Condriac, has taken the plunge into live streaming on Twitch.

“Condriac has always sought to be at the forefront of the digital media industry, identifying and jumping on trends that we see being significant in the future,” said CEO Keshia Patchiappen. Read the full article on Screen Africa here.