Hard-hitting local film that goes back to the future

12 January 2018


One of the least travelled artistic routes until recently has been life behind bars for female inmates. Thembi, a locally-produced film, aims to delve into this life and also open up the industry for relatively unknown actors and actresses.

Written by Victor Phume, Thembi is a sci-fi and suspense flick that follows the life of a woman named Thembi after she travels back in time to relive the experiences of her mother as an inmate in apartheid South Africa.

Director Ruth Mabona said the movie came about when her father, Victor Phume, told her about the story. After the pair decided that the story needed to be made into a film, they invited other creatives to breathe life into the script.

“After he told me he had written the story, we decided to bring other people on board. My brother produces the film.

“We then set out to create a storyboard to say what we’d like the film to look like, who we’d like to have on board and the more we spoke, we decided we wanted a prison movie that would explore two worlds,” Mabona explained.

Thembi follows the story of a woman by the same name who discovers that her mother killed her father. In a strange, time-travelling twist of fate, Thembi finds herself living the life of her mother who was imprisoned in the 1980s for the murder. Read the full article on IOL here.