Showbizbee acquired rights to film the story of Brenda Fassie

12 January 2018


Fasil 279

Fassie was a South African Afropop singer, affectionately called MaBrrr by her fans, she was sometimes described as the Queen of African Pop' or simply as The Black Madonna.

London based Showbizbee announced on Wednesday that they acquired rights to film the story of late South African musician Brenda Fassie, and that it would be written and directed by Edward Shaw with a script based on a story by her son Bongani to be released in 2018.

Her bold stage antics earned a reputation for outrageousness , while her outspoken views and frequent visits to the poorer townships of Johannesburg, as well as songs about life in the townships, she enjoyed tremendous popularity.

Showbizbee said in a statement that the film would be filmed on location in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and the production and premier in cinemas would be 2018.

Brenda, a period comedy-drama, follows a young Brenda Fassie whose determination to become a singer, follows her journey from Langa, Cape Town to Soweto, Johannesburg of which catapults her into stardom becoming South Africa's most iconic entertainers, along with becoming a mother. Read the full article on Citizen here.