"Little By Little"at Film Forum, New York

26 January 2018


Little by Little 280

Film Forum will soon be hosting the screening of Jean Rouch's 1970 film, "Little By Little."

A sequel to his previous film, Jaguar, the movie takes Rouch's Nigerien collaborators Damoure Zika and Lam Ibrahim traveling to Paris and performing a reverse ethnography of French culture. When we re-join Zika and Ibrahim in Ayorou, Niger, the "Little By Little" company they had formed at the conclusion of Jaguar has become a large import-export company. Hearing that a competitor is building a multistory building in Niamey, the directors of the company decide they must construct their own in Ayorou.

The film playfully satirizes the history of European-African relations. Jean Rouch is considered to be one of the founders of cinéma-vérité in France, which shared the aesthetics of the direct cinema spearheaded by Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker and Albert and David Maysles. Rouch's practice as a filmmaker, for over sixty years in Africa, was characterized by the idea of shared anthropology.

The film will be screened at Film Forum, 209 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014, USA.

For details visit: www.filmforum.org

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