Linda Ikeji to launch a new channel on DStv

9 February 2018


After blogging for 11 years as Africa’s number one, 37-year-old and still single billionaire, Linda Ikeji, is set to take over the TV space with the launch of an entertainment and lifestyle channel on DSTV and online.

Linda Ikeji, who made her fortunes from blogging, is currently putting lots of cable channel owners in fear as contents to be aired on her channel have already ignited anticipatory excitement across Africa. Linda Ikeji Some of the shows to be aired already trending on social media include Oyinbo wives of Lagos, King Tonto, Gidi Girls, Ajegunle with Love, Annabel, Naija Ladies of Dallas. Other favourites on the channel include Report Card, Verified, Double Trouble, LITV Daily, and a host of other exclusive contents.

Linda is believed to have spent a fortune over on her production studio which is stocked with state of the art equipment and also 2 massive mansions serving as film studios as well as for future projects. The channel which is to be seen in over 40 countries is scheduled for launch in March on DStv.