Mediafix TV appoints Boys Toys Production local social media content

9 February 2018

Technology & Convergence

Mediafix has appointed Boys Toys Production to do motoring content for online audiences. Mediafix co-produces with storytellers and aggregates content to different online platforms with the main aim of attracting collaborators to contribute to a content network.

This has given birth to the concept of Mediafix TV which will explore and provide a destination for amazing content. The destinations main aim is to create awareness and accelerate discussion around further distribution. Furthermore, the platforms that are chosen are niche and have an intimate relationship with their audience so we curate an experience between the user and the actual content.

The first content can be seen on Chomi, a South African social network which is available in 11 languages . From interactive car reviews to new visual ways of proving performance, you are going to be entertained If you want to join over 100,000 users of a local social network, visit or download Chomi in the mobile App stores.

Source: 4RVF