Rungano Nyoni ‘outstanding debut’ Bafta for I Am Not A Witch

23 February 2018


Ryonio I am not a witch

A film about an African witch camp by Welsh-Zambian director has won a Bafta for outstanding debut.

Rungano Nyoni’s feature ‘I Am Not A Witch’ tells the story of an eight-year-old Zambian girl accused of being a witch.

The director, who was brought up in Cardiff from the age of eight, accepted the prize alongside producer Emily Morgan.

She appeared to be shocked to have won, saying: “We’re not prepared.” After thanking her husband, mother and niece, she said: “I’m now pulling things from the air. Erm, who else? Oh, and the cast and the crew, thank you.” Nyoni spent a month at a witch camp in Ghana to research the film.

For the film, she decided the idea of introducing a little girl accused of being a witch into the group of old women in her story, would see them re-thinking their lives.

The low-budget feature was made with funding from organisations including Ffilm Cymru and the BFI, and it was the first Zambian film to be shown at the Cannes film festival.

Source: Luska Times

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