Berlinale Africa Hub promotes Pan-African film market

23 February 2018


The Berlinale Africa Hub will take place on February 16-21 in the Gropius Park, during the same period as The European Film Market (EFM). This year’s Africa hub will focus on the Sub-Saharan film market.

The EFM initiative

This Pan-African “Berlinale Africa Hub” initiative was implemented by the EFM as a way to show African productions and technological advances to the rest of the world. The second edition of this event is financed by the World Cinema Fund (WCF), the same organisation that usually supports Sub-Saharan African filmmakers.

Vincenzo Bugno from WCF stated: “We understood the African film production landscape needs more support.”

The Africa Hub has several sister programs like Talents Durban and Berlinale Talent and all of them are supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The Berlinale Africa Hub will also be partnering with Digital Lab Africa to showcase four virtual reality (VR) experiences.

The event will host numerous independent producers and investors that are interested in the growing Film industry of Africa. These interested bodies include -but are not limited to- Durban FilmMart, The Namibia Film commission, Cologne-based Rushlake Media, Congo’s Tosala Project and Rwanda’s Kwetu Film Institute.

What you can see and do at the Berlinale Africa Hub

The 2018 Berlinale Africa Hub will focus on two filmmaking technologies, VR, and 360-degree videos. The storytelling conveyed via these means will demonstrate the will of African content creators to break from the traditional mold.

“The Berlinale Africa Hub is a place where we’d like to look into the future and say, ‘This is not about copy-pasting existing structures from other parts of the world,’” said EFM director, Matthijs Wouter Knol.

During the days of the Berlinale Africa Hub event, independent producers and media companies will open pop-up offices to show their will to conduct business and collaborate with creators from our continent.

The day events will alternate between Presentations and talks. Twenty speakers from the creative industry will deliver a speech to pitch their companies, initiatives or institutes. Following each speech, a Q&A session will be held to answer the questions of the audience. The talks will revolve around the outlook of the African market and its new trends as well as the creation of links across the Southern Hemisphere.

Rushlake Media and Nollywood which already have offices in Germany will present their initiative “Green Me Global Festival”. Other companies will focus on the distribution sector of the market, like the French distributors DIFFA and Trace.

While there, attendees and professionals can visit the VR lounge anytime between 10 am and 5 pm, to experience the new and innovative African virtual reality productions.

Source: Afrika