23 February 2018



10 February 2018: The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is an entity established in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission Act, 2010. The Commission has been set up with its main vision being to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination.

It is in this light that the KZN Film Commission aims to enhance the economy by providing and encouraging opportunities for persons, especially from disadvantaged communities to enter and participate in the film industry in the province. In so doing, it aims to contribute to an enabling environment to job creation and transformation. A baseline study was conducted in 2015 highlighting the skills gap in the KZN industry. The KZNFC is responding to the need for skills in SOUND PRODUCTION, AND BUDGETING AND SCHEDULING.

Training Programme 1– SOUND PRODUCTION FOR FILM AND TELEVISION. REF: HCD/SP/2018 The Sound Production for Film and TV Course embraces the principles of sound technology and how it relates to Film and Television. The programme runs for 10 days with workshops, self-study and practical work. The programme is at no cost to the selected participants.

Training Programme 2– BUDGETING AND SCHEDULING FOR FILM AND TELEVISION. REF: HCD/BS/2018 The Budgeting and Scheduling for Film and TV Course aims prepare filmmakers with the knowledge on how to break down a script and create a budget and production schedule. The programme runs for 10 days with workshops, self-study and practical work. The programme is at no cost to the selected participants.


Please submit:

  1. A motivation (maximum 2 pages) explaining why you should be considered for the programme
  2. Your CV, detailed profile of work experience
  3. A copy of your Matric certificate and all qualifications post matric
  4. Certified copy of your ID.

All applications should be emailed to SkillsDev@kwazulunatalfilm.co.za BOTH COURSES ARE DUE TO TAKE PLACE IN MARCH 2018 Closing date for applications: 23 FEBRUARY 2018 Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only. For more information please email SkillsDev@kwazulunatalfilm.co.za or call our offices on (031) 325 0200.


ZIFF and DISCOP Zanzibar announce TV series festival

The 21st annual Zanzibar International Film Festival and the inaugural DISCOP Zanzibar announces a new programme and festival category focused on the all-important area on TV content.

With the increased focus on content for TV and digital, and the breaking down of barriers between content types, ZIFF has identified the need to support producers and directors who are working in these ever-growing mediums. Therefore, ZIFF has announced two new award categories for 2018 the Best TV Series and the Best Web Series.

Additionally, in an innovative move that recognises the latest trends in the content production environment, ZIFF and DISCOP are proud to present the Zanzibar TV Series Festival that will unfold its first edition from 11 to 13 July 2018.

The event aims to highlight series from all over the world and to give an international voice to this increasingly popular and fiercely creative new art form. Open to the public, the Zanzibar TV Series Festival will celebrate excellence. Striving to create a stage on which the foremost creators in the world of TV series come together, where tomorrow's talents are showcased and a prestigious international competition for a wide range of genres and for series of all shapes and forms is presented.

During this year's ZIFF, the category for Best African TV Series will be open to any African produced or co-produced and broadcast within the last two years. Three episodes would need to be submitted for consideration via the online application process.

DISCOP Market's general manager Patrick Zuchowicki explains the rationale for this partnership: With the FANNG's (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) plans to spend up to $15 billion on film, television and online content in 2018 and with millennials raised on streaming, the time has come to celebrate entertainment content as a whole and bring to the attention of the Zanzibar public the world's foremost creators to TV series, and provide the best ones with a well-deserved award.

Festival director, Fabrizio Colombo has these words to welcome a new category of producers and directors: ZIFF 20th marked a turning point in the history of our festival. With the big step this year of ZIFF's partnership of DISCOP Zanzibar, we are ready and excited to welcome all the players in the business of film, television and content production. ZIFF is amongst one of the first festivals in Africa, if not the world, to recognise the importance and power of both TV and web content. These awards, along with related workshops and discussions, represent ZIFF's commitment to growing the whole of the East African content industry.

Deadline for submission is 15 March 2018.

Submission Procedures:

All submission must be done through the link provided on the ZIFF platform.

A signed and fully completed application should be submitted by e-mail to filmdept@ziff.or.tz

Freight costs of any film will be borne by the producer.

Selection results will be available from 15 May 2018 on the ZIFF website

Any film at ZIFF may have five (5) public screenings at the most, including one press viewing. However, further screenings could be organised if the producer so agrees.

No DVDs will be returned. They will be kept at ZIFF for archival purposes.

ZIFF is committed to preserving the copy of the film from any act of piracy and illicit business.


Mzansi Womens Film Festival Call for Entries

Mzansi Womens Film Festival (MWFF) is a platform to empower women filmmakers by showcasing films by women and about women. Established in Johannesburg in 2014, this annual festival is held the first weekend in August, Womens Month in South Africa. The festival envisages to be the premier womens film festival on the continent of Africa.

Call for MWFFs 5th edition film submission is open until 30 April 2018. Submissions can be entered through filmfreeway.com.

The MWFFs objectives are to:

Create a reputable platform for women filmmakers to showcase their work.

Create a reputable platform to showcase films made by and about women.

Create an annual networking opportunity for women filmmakers to identify and access opportunities in the film industry.

Facilitate access to training and/or development opportunities for women filmmakers.

Create an awards event that recognizes works of female filmmakers.

Films must be directed by a woman, or featuring a woman in a significant creative role (only films with a female director/producer are eligible for awards).

Though we EMPHASIZE FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN or PRODUCED BY WOMEN, we will consider all films about women's stories and issues affecting women. Festival does not exclude films directed by men if the topic is one of significance to women.

Only films produced after 15 August 2016 will be considered AND films produced before 31 December 1999 as Classic films category.

Foreign language films will only be accepted if they are subtitled in English.

We do not accept works-in-progress and will not update a submission with a more recent cut. Please do not submit your film until it is complete.