Trailer for South African Movie 'Blood & Glory' Directed by Sean Else

9 March 2018


"What if we defeat you?" Cleopatra Entertainment has released an official US trailer for the South African period epic Blood & Glory, which opened in South Africa in 2016, but is just now getting a US release direct-to-VOD this March. Based on true historical events from South Africa's history, the story is about a man who is taken prisoner during the Second Anglo-Boer War and is sent to the St. Helena concentration camp, where he tries to defeat a Colonal at the game of rugby. Stian Bam stars, along with Charlotte Salt, Josh Myers, Andre Jacobs, Greg Kriek, Nick Cornwall, and Grant Swanby. This actually looks like a film about rugby, or so it seems, with prisoners learning to play in order to battle against the warden. This just seems like an odd story to tell, but I don't know the history in South Africa well enough. Watch below.

Blood and Glory 283

Source: First Showing. Net