SA Eco Festival : A Time for Change

23 March 2018


This year the SA Eco Film Festival has several film that speak to the problems facing our oceans and marine life. It is no secret that the world as we know it is forever changing. Global warming and its negative effects can be seen on a global scale, in this century there have been more severe natural disasters in such a short time frame, than ever before in recorded history.

Over the past century the planet Earth that we all call home has been getting violently attacked by its inhabitants. These attacks are mostly done for the sake of money, convenience, and progress. With no one person, industry, or country to hold accountable, the problem has simply continued to worsen. As a society we do not take notice of the ramifications, and yet as a society we live with the consequences

The consequences are being felt locally, in Cape Town, with a drought that has been silently creeping up on us for almost two decades – as it was not causing any immediate inconvenience we closed our eyes to it, and hoped for the best.

The challenges facing us should be of importance to everyone. It is now the responsibility of every individual to be aware and educated about the problems we face and the practical solutions that we all can implement in order to prevent further damage and start the healing process.

The SA Eco Film Festival

In 2013 the SA Eco Film Festival was founded to bring to South Africa films exploring these important topics: Both local and international documentaries about our home Earth. To create a platform for these vital films to educate and inspire through their stories.

For the past five years the Eco Film Festival has been highlighting the beauty of our planet, the devastation that has befallen it, and most importantly how and why we need to protect it.


In an age where we are more connected than ever before, we have the opportunity to discover how very #connected we are; not simply to each other, but to every level within the ecosystem.

This year the Eco Film Festival invites you to consider the multitude of ways in which we are #connected.

If we could tease out and make visible all the threads that connect all things, how different do you believe our world would be?

This year the SA Eco Film Festival is proud to be showcasing challenging, intriguing and creative film content from SA, and across the World highlighting issues that affect us all, whilst introducing participants, filmmakers and audience members alike to sustainable living choices and lifestyle changes that are available, today.

Films and Themes

This year the SA Eco Film Festival will be showcasing 15 films between 22 and 30 March in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. South African content gets special treatment with two special events in Cape Town this year. These films are filled with powerful knowledge and tools to help us be aware, and thereby make more conscious decisions about how we love and care for our home.

The Ocean

This year the SA Eco Film Festival has several film that speak to the problems facing our oceans and marine life.

A Plastic Ocean, an adventurous documentary that looks into the lifecycle of plastic and the effects on our oceans, the planet, and people.