'Sandale-Man', Senegal's superhero

23 March 2018


When talking about super hero films, the heros that come to your mind are Superman, Batman and just recently Black Panther. All these super heroes were created in Hollywood. America’s biggest film industry.

Even though Africans and black communities all over the world got excited with the arrival of the Black Panther film, still this super hero was created in Hollywood.

But there’s a new hero in town…Sandale-man! Yes, this super hero created by Senegalese filmmakers is a force to be reckoned with.

Just like the likes of Spiderman, he protects and aids people in Senegal from petty criminals. From his name, Sandale-man, he gets his powers from his sandales.

The director of La Légend de Sandale-man is Ayina Thiam. And his original intent was to create a mock-superhero film about a young hero whose special skillset is kicking butts with superhuman, sandal throwing accuracy and customized sandal weaponry.

The Sandale-man films were not created on a big budget. Considering their limitations, Ayina Thiam, Jean Jacques Toue, co-director of the Sandale-man films, and fellow crew members, were still able to create stunning comic books to incorporate in the film.

Sandale-man is a beautiful representation of African producers coming together to both support one another and expand the Senegalese film and entertainment industry without waiting for outside assistance.

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Source: AfricanNews