African Women Filmmakers Break Down Barriers and Challenge Taboos

23 March 2018

Regulation & Policy

Female filmmakers in Africa face many hurdles, from sexual harassment to the belief that women have no place in the movie industry. That isn't stopping them from telling women's stories on film.

In September 2017, the Hollywood film industry was rocked by sexual abuse allegations against American film mogul Harvey Weinstein. It triggered the 'Me Too' movement, where women in many countries of the world used the hashtag #MeToo to highlight sexual abuse in the film industry, and elsewhere.

In Africa, the Me Too movement failed to take off. But this doesn't mean that sexual abuse doesn't exist on the continent. It just isn't spoken about publicly, says Benin documentary filmmaker Giovannia Atodjinou-Zinsou .

"Even when you suffer, you suffer inside," Atodjinou-Zinsou told DW. "It's rare to see women who will go and say: 'Excuse me, I was raped'. Even the simple act of declaring it to the police, even when you know who your aggressor is, is already a problem because there's a feeling of shame, of embarrassment."

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Source: DW