Web TV dedicated to African digital will launch in Morocco

23 March 2018

Technology & Convergence

The group of advertisers in Morocco (GAM) will launch in April, in collaboration with Smart Studio, a digital content production platform, a web TV dedicated to digital in Africa. Called African Digital TV, the channel, whose creation was discussed at the last African Digital Summit held in February in Casablanca, will broadcast, initially, four weekly programs before its programs are expanded.

“The idea is to propose a space of debate to the ecosystem that is interested in the digital debate,” said Mostapha Mellouk of Smart Studio, in remarks reported by Influencia. The promoters of the new web TV are convinced of their business model. “We need two hours to set up, with three employees, a talk show platform while a TV channel needs a week and 25 employees to do the same job. Our business model costs ten times less than a traditional platter. “Explains Philippe Rousseau, one of the leaders of the chain.

The leaders of African Digital TV are considering the possibility of creating a satellite version of the web TV. “The web TV will be launched in April and we give ourselves at least a year, before talking about a possible satellite channel. We must first build an ecosystem around our concept before having the ambition to switch to satellite, “said Mostapha Mellouk.

Source: NexTVAfrica