Nigeria: Dealers still wait for TStv decoders after reportedly paying NGN 684 mln upfront

3 May 2018

Regulation & Policy

Telecom Satellite Television (TStv) Nigeria faces from "super dealers" that it owes them some NGN 684 million in dealership subscriptions, reports CommunicationsWeek. About 58 dealers reportedly paid NGN 12 million each for a minimum of 3,000 decoders and are said to have waited endlessly for TStv to bring out its decoders, it said. TStv said it would launch sales of its product last October but expectant dealers and viewers have been disappointed.

Last week, TStv took to social media to announce the commencement of Dexterity decoder sales. TStv said Dexterity decoder sales would start soon, once it had completed nationwide tests and full integration of its data hubs. It said it could "guarantee everyone" that TStv would "revolutionise" and create a new model for the pay-TV market in Africa.

The Dexterity decoder comes with TStv Africa packages free 20 GB data, ability to record any programme, and other features.

Source All Africa