Africanews launches Inspire Africa

18 May 2018


Inspire Africa highlights the face of a rising continent, millions of men and women who are building, innovating and driving the growth of the continent.

Inspire Africa brings to the limelight the uplifting stories of these actors in Africa's development.

Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo - 12th May 2018 - Inspire Africa will spotlight the dynamism of a continent, through the success stories of African populations in the South, East and West, who showcase their skills to the benefit of their communities.

The questions of revendication, reappropriation and revaloriSation of African culture are coming back as real social issues in different fields (cinema, music, international fashion, hairdressing...) and even sporting scenes, from all over the world. In this first episode of Inspire Africa, we focus on the arts and the different forms of cultural expression on the continent.

Inspire Africa will first take you to Rwanda to introduce young designers who may have found a way to promote local creativity while restoring its full African identity.

The next stage will then bring us to Senegal to meet Kalidou Kasse, nicknamed "The Brush of the Sahel", who is a critically acclaimed painter and sculptor for decades and who has nothing to be envious of Jeff Koons or Gehrard Richter, thus debunking the myth of the starving African artist with no future.

Finally, Inspire Africa will present Adeline Kamga from Cameroon, CEO of Fabafriq, a magazine that promotes a fabulous and positive Africa. This young entrepreneur is one of the many ambassadors on the continent who are reclaiming the storytelling of African history.

Source: Press Release