X-raying future of pay-television in Africa

18 May 2018

Technology & Convergence

The 5th Digital Dialogue Conference, facilitated by MultiChoice Africa, points the way for Africa’s pay-television industry.

The future of the pay-television industry in Africa was, again, the focus at the 5th Digital Dialogue Conference, which held in Dubai between 2 and 5 May. The conference, organised by MultiChoice Africa, debuted in 2012 as a thought leadership platform for better understanding of the future of the continent’s pay-television industry.

Attendees comprised of industry thought leaders and leading minds in the African media industry.

Speaking at the conference, David Abraham, former Chief Executive of UK’s Channel 4, said the future of pay-television is more fragmented and messy.

“The old walls of traditional pay-TV are now tumbling down and what’s coming next is infinitely more fragmented, and messy,” said Abraham

According to him, the economic pay-television model used to be about a battle between free-TV and service providers’ creating pay-television walls and maintaining exclusivity over key content in order to promote monthly subscriptions and minimise loss of customers.

This, he explained, now faces threat because of broadband as additional service and mobile phone technology. Abraham said the advent of telecommunication service providers, who are producing content, has raised the question of whether consumers will be able to shuttle among so many different providers to find the best content.

While stating that the future is uncertain, Abraham said: “The African continent, with its younger populations and progressive use of mobile, can both build on and leapfrog Western markets in terms of future models of content creation and distribution.” Read the full article on The Nation here.