Film Tourism Growth in the City of Tshwane

15 June 2018


Developing a business environment that is conducive to “film industry” growth has proved desirable to many governments because of the range of benefits arising from the sector.


South Africa, - September/October 2018 - The capital city of South Africa City of Tshwane will gather film industry practitioners; producers, distributors, studios and funders for the Africa Film Tourism Expo conceptualized and produced by Michics Global Communications.


“Film industry” is an umbrella term that is used to describe a range of activities that drive and support the creation and distribution of entertainment media content - for feature films, television programmes, advertising commercials, stills photography, corporate and business-to-business video and digital media production including computer games” Martin Cuff.


Africa Film Tourism Expo is the multifaceted Film and Tourism campaign that fuse development, promotions, exhibition and stakeholders meeting. The campaign will continuously offer Film and Tourism practitioners a host of opportunities ranging from: Locations Promotion, Creative Talent Development and Promotion (cast, performers and crew), Arts and Culture Promotion, Networking and collaborations, and enhancing the Linguistic Diversity of Africa.

In its film tourism participation work, Africa Film Tourism is carrying out 4 strategies aimed at;


To realize his goal Mishack Motshweni over the years he has been working (researching & networking) on diverse Development activities that gave birth to amongst others Africa Film Tourism Expo.


To participate or more information contact us at or 082 703 0633.