DRC restores all 20 TV frequencies to Congo-Brazzaville

15 June 2018

Technology & Convergence

Started a few months ago, the process of restitution of TV and radio frequencies, plundered in Congo by neighboring DRC, is now complete. Lambert Mende Omalanga, the Communications Minister of the DRC, handed over to his counterpart in Congo-Brazzaville, Thierry Lézin Moungalla, an official letter announcing that all the frequencies were restored.

“To date, I have the honor, on behalf of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to inform you of the effective release and availability of frequencies, in accordance with our agreements and with the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union”, declared Lambert Mende Omalanga.

In fact, the DRC restored twenty frequencies in Congo. Their membership was the subject of an intervention of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the context of the peace process in Congo. The country will sign an agreement with the DRC for these frequencies to be returned.

“It is the wish, in the name of the government and the regulators who ensure the problem of frequency management, warmly thanking my colleague Lambert Mende for the respect of the word given. This corresponds to the commitments we have subscribed, “said Thierry Lézin Moungalla.

The ministers explained that the frequencies were now available, among others, ‘’for those who want to invest in DTT.’’

Source: NexTV Africa