UCC finally raises Pay TV license fees to UGX 95 million

15 June 2018

Regulation & Policy

The Uganda communication commission (UCC) 2 months ago marked PayTV broadcasters as uncompliant after issuing strong license restrictions and fees only to spark off a cold war with the providers. While the fierce notice by UCC sparked off a teasing announcement by Pay TV providers redefining their services with intentions to increase package fees. The deadlock forced UCC to set several negotiations with the said PayTV providers after which the regulator is set to enforce agreed Pay TV license fees amounting to UGX 95 million unlike the previous UGX 550 million.

According to the Kwese East Africa regional head Ms. Sheila Nyanzi. Several PayTV might increase package/service fees in order to re-align with their in-house regulations. Although a majority of the PayTv providers may subsidize the cost, those that will be left with no choice by to increase will see their subscribers pay a little more than the usual package rates as agreed in several meetings with the regulator as she further asserted.

Source: TechJaJa