What’s New? is now on TV for young Africans

29 June 2018


“What’s New?” an exciting weekly TV programme by the BBC for young people in Africa launches on 23rd June. Aimed at 11-16 year olds the show is an informative, entertaining and fun programme which will keep young people up to date with what’s happening in the world they live in.

Nisha Kapur, BBC Commissioning Editor, said: “What’s New? is for and about young people across Africa. It gives them the chance to find out more about the world in a fresh and energetic way. “

What’s New? will include three regular segments each week:

Behind the headlines:

This segment explores a story which has featured regularly in the news and will fully explain through graphics and films what the story is about.

The big interview:

A weekly interview with a celebrity - or someone who is making the news in Africa. This will include musicians, artists, authors and many others.

‘My Story’:

What’s New? gives young people a chance to tell their own stories about their lives, school and what they enjoy doing.

Co-presenters Debula Kemoli and Ben Hunte will bring their own infectious style to What’s New?

Debula Kemoli said:

“There are many stories young people want to share, I can’t wait to tell them all.”

Ben Hunte said:

“I’ve wanted to become a BBC presenter since I started watching TV! I’m now living my dream.”

The programme will be presented from an immersive virtual studio where stories will be brought to life in a fun and engaging way using the latest VR technology.

What’s New? will engage younger viewers with events in Africa and the wider world, through specially commissioned features, such as:

Fake news and Reality Check for Kids

What’s New? will help the audience distinguish between trustworthy news stories and sources, and fake content that is being shared online. We will also expose misleading facts and figures which distort the reporting of a story.

The Conversation

This regular series will explore topics that children are talking about.   What’s New? will get groups of young people talking to each other, focusing on areas that they might find hard to discuss with adults.

With What’s New? You’ll never miss out!

Source: Press Release