Siembamba, aka The Lullaby receives eight nominations at AAMA 2018

24 August 2018



Phoenix Films and Valhalla Productions recently announced that the South African horror film, Siembamba (The Lullaby) is nominated in eight categories at the annual AAMA 2018 (Africa Movie Academy Awards) set to take place on 22 September 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. Earlier this year Siembamba received its much-anticipated red carpet premiere in Hollywood. The film stars the talented Reine Swart (Z Nation, Detour), Thandi Puren (The Furnace, Sober Companion), and Deànré Reiners (Mignon Mossie van Wyk, Dis Koue Kos, Skat and Seun).

Siembamba follows Chloe, a young girl returning to her home town, overwhelmed by the birth of her first child. Despite the care from her somewhat overbearing mother, Ruby, the baby’s incessant crying, and the growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends Chloe into a dark depression, with a heightened urge to protect her son. Distraught, she pays a visit to family psychologist Dr. Reed, who diagnoses her intrusive thoughts and anxiousness to a mild case of baby blues. Yet the thoughts grow worse and more violent. Chloe hears voices and the humming of a childhood lullaby. She sees a strange entity around her child. Convinced that the entity is real, she does everything in her power to protect her son. Desperate, Chloe finds solace in the arms of her childhood friend, Emile, who lives on the outer edge of town. The world around Chloe implodes and it becomes clear that she and her child are in imminent danger. But from what? Is this just a case of the baby blues? Or is it something more sinister?

Siembamba premiered on 1 March 2018 at the Laemmle Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills. Following this, the film was released in over 150 cinemas in the USA, as well as in Japan, Canada, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates. Siembamba is not only a breakthrough for Phoenix Films, but certainly for South African film as well. Siembamba was also nominated for two SAFTA awards and the Siembamba script is preserved at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library for study purposes. It was also ranked by Rotten Tomatoes as the 17th Best Horror Movie for 2018.

Source: Screen Africa