Zimbabwe is producing Chinese documentaries to help revive its tourism business

24 August 2018


Zimbabwe’s beleaguered tourism sector is starting to re-engage its international markets, targeting tour operators who had ceased to package the country in recent years.

The most high-profile example this month is a major marketing campaign signed between the Zimbabwe’s tourism ministry and a Chinese firm Touchroad International which brought Zhejiang TV and Radio into the country, recently, to begin filming and photographing Zimbabwe’s key tourist destinations.

Zimbabwe has been losing tourists to competing southern and east African countries after become something of a pariah state in the latter years under the rule of former president Robert Mugabe who ruled for 37 years.

During an April visit to China, president Emmerson Mnangagwa signed a number of agreements with the Chinese, including a deal to film documentaries in Zimbabwe to be showcased in China.

Zimbabwe has several world-renowned tourism hubs including Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe and Lake Kariba among others.

The Chinese video campaign of Zimbabwe promotional videos is expected help support a $1.2 billion opportunity in the country through the tourism sector. Read the full article on Quartz here.