Cell C's black subscription video-on-demand service slowly making inroads with 80,000 active user logins, 260 000 free trial users.

24 August 2018


Cell C's black subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service is slowly making inroads with 60,000 content sale transactions since it launched and 2.5 million perusals through its content catalogue.

As part of its annual financial results for the year ending 30 June 2018, Cell C that made a net loss of R645 million, on Tuesday included some information from its Cell C black business unit. Cell C didn't include any profitability or revenue figures for Cell C black.

Cell C black, launched in November 2017 and now competing with MultiChoice's DStv, its SVOD service Showmax, Netflix South Africa and Amazon Prime Video, is now the top streaming service for the DLM3 market representing the average South African internet user.

"Cell C black is the top streaming service for the DLM3 market - average internet users, which represent a large portion of the population in South Africa. In the DLM5-segment - high-tech users - the awareness of Cell C black has grown by 14%," the company states.

"There has been a sharp increase in content consumption since Cell C zero-rated its data for Cell C black content streaming," the company said.

According to Cell C, its own subscribers make up 70% of Cell C black users, with 30% of black users coming from other cellular networks. So far 2.5 million people have browsed through the Cell C catalogue.

Cell C black currently has 80 000 active user logins, with 60 000 completed transactions. Meanwhile the number of Cell C black free trial users have reached 260 000.

Source: Teeveetee blog spot