New sports channel C2TVSPORT launches, promising to help the financial development of sport in DRC

7 September 2018

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The person behind the new sports channel is Plante Kibadhi, C2TVSPORT, a journalist and PR person, who is communications adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank of Congo.

Q: How did the idea of ​​a Congolese sports channel come about?

A: It is curious, but the idea was born from looking at the media environment of the DRC. No-one had had given a whole channel over to 100% sports. For example, I thought there needed to be a platform that would allow the athletes of the country to express themselves.

Also it was out of a desire to promote all sports in the country and to stimulate young people to practice sports with passion and also to ensure the financial development of them. It will be a new generation of dreamers that appear on the channel.

Q: What is the programme content of the channel? What are the main sports that will be covered?

A: The content will include sports news, talk show, games, mag, live matches, reality TV about sports. It will also have documentaries and films about sport and identification of Congolese athletes around the world. The main sports will be: football, boxing, basketball, cycling, swimming and the traditional games of Congo and Africa

Q: What football cover will you have and where are you going to get it?

A: There will be: EPEFKIN; Linafoot; CAN; the World Cup (depending on the rights obtained by our broadcaster) and also competitions of young people under 16 organized by the C2TVSPORT chain.

Q: Which audiences are you targeting?

A: It will be a mixture of the youth and adults.

Q How will the channel be distributed? Free-to-Air? Pay TV? Online?

It will be broadcast in three different ways: there will be a multi-language version on the DTT bouquet: the French language version will be free and the Lingala version will be a pay TV channel.

Q: How many countries will the sports channel cover?

A: Initially it will cover the DRC and then Central Africa and later all Africa.

Q: What kind of advertisers are you looking for and what will

your sales message for them?

A: We want to get the following type of companies on board: GSM operators; breweries; FMCG; and other big international brands. The message to them is that finally there is now a sports-only thematic channel that will keep sports lovers loyal to the great sporting nation that is the DRC. The slogan is:'Sport, our passion, our commitment, our job, our life in the DRC great nation of sport.'

  1. What will be the online and social media presence of the channel?

There will be a number of elements including: amobile app with channel streaming; streaming on youtube; and a social media presence (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for all of our TV programmes to allow interactions with the viewers.

  1. You mentioned you were going to be on a DTT platform. Where has DRC got to with the DTT transition? Has it already been implemented?

A: Yes DTT has already been in operation since 2013 with several private pay operators and in 2017 the free public service on DTT was launched.

  1. What are the 3 to 5 main television channels in Kinshasa?

A: B-one, Antenna A, RTNC, Digital Congo, RTGA

Q: And what is their current sports coverage?

A: They are all generalists and devote a weekly sports magazine in addition to reporting in the news in case of sports news. They tend to be less interested in a wide range of sports.


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