Arewa24 launches news slate of Q4 programming and hires top executives

5 October 2018


25 September, 2018 - AREWA24, the leading Hausa language entertainment and lifestyle channel in Nigeria, announces a slate of new premium programming for Q4 and Q1 2019, including the launch of the channel’s much-anticipated new original Hausa drama series in January, complementing its current long-running and award-winning series, “Dadin Kowa.” The ambitious new drama series is currently in production, and is expected to set a new standard for originality and quality in Hausa language television production.

AREWA24’s new slate of programs launching in October includes “Amo Daga Arewa.” This primetime music series features live performances and interviews with the incredibly talented musicians from across the North, including traditional music genres, as well as R&B, soul and religious. “Amo Daga Arewa” brings together the more traditional elements of the rich Northern Nigerian music culture, adding to AREWA24’s already popular Hip Hop programs.

Re-launching in the fourth quarter with a brand new format and hosts, “Matasa@360” is a contemporary, street-wise and relevant youth show, focusing on the talent, innovation, and creativity of Northern Nigerian youth. The show also addresses the very real challenges facing young people in the region and the pressures they experience on a daily basis. The show’s regular featured segments explore how Northern Nigerian youth navigate daily life, relationships, media, entrepreneurship, performing arts, current affairs, campus life, technology and other areas that youth from all over the world can relate to.

AREWA24 has also green-lit a fourth season of “Haske: Matan Arewa,” featuring the dynamic women from Northern Nigeria as they tell their stories intimately and passionately. Breaking social and cultural barriers to becoming leaders, traders, teachers, entrepreneurs, rural activists, filmmakers and more, these amazing women share their successes, their struggles, their disappointments and their triumphs.

Rounding out AREWA24’s new Q4 programming lineup are dozens of Kannywood’s newest and best films from the industry’s top directors, producers and actors. AREWA24 now rivals any channel in the region when it comes to showcasing the most and the best Kannywood films. The channel has also licensed new shows for young viewers who watch its popular morning and afternoon Children’s block.

Source: Press Release