The impact of piracy on the creative industry in Africa

19 October 2018

Regulation & Policy

Africa’s fast-growing, dynamic and increasingly world-class video entertainment industry has surged ahead in the last decade, driven by rapid economic growth and demand for the best local content.

This flourishing sector has become critical to many of the continents’ largest economies in Nigeria the “Nollywood” is the second largest contributor to GDP. In 2014, the Nigerian government released data for the first time showing Nollywood is a $3.3 billion sector. Countries like Kenya, Zambia and Angola are catching up as invests in local comedies, dramas film and reality shows witness a steady growth year on year.

But this hugely important sector is under constant threat. Content piracy is becoming an increasingly serious problem, and experts across the continent have highlighted that it presents a major obstacle to the development of the creative industries in Africa, including the movie and entertainment industry.

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