Welcome to the action packed world of 'Wakaliwood'

15 November 2018


In the heart of a Ugandan slum, there exists a world of zombies, cannibals, and kung fu.


It's a place where a slum cat called "Famous" lounges in the sun while laundry dries on the skeleton of a helicopter painted with the bold letters "Wakaliwood."

This world belongs to a man named Isaac Nabwana. Isaac is the founder and director of Ramon Pictures, an action genre film studio home grown in the Wakaliga slum known these days as "Wakaliwood."

An echo of Nigeria's "Nollywood", India's "Bollywood", and of course "Hollywood", Isaac says that he chose the name because it was the place where he grew up and the place where the first action movie in Uganda was made.

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Isaac grew up with a love for action film stars that he learned from his brother Robert. In the 1980's, Robert would sneak out to the newly opened cinema halls to watch movies, coming back later to re-enact every action-packed moment.

Isaac says looking back, "Why I wanted to start action movies is because when I was growing up, all film stars I knew were all action stars... I knew of Rambo, Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, there's Bruce Lee, Wang Yu. My favorite is Chuck Norris."

This love for action and nostalgia for its early stars features heavily in Isaac's films, one of his most successful is titled "Bruce U", about a Ugandan man who perfects the art of kung fu. Read the full article on CNN here.