Econet Media criticises reports on court case over Kwese TV satellite content distribution in Zimbabwe

15 November 2018


KWESE parent company, Econet Media (Mauritius), say it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court ruling against Dr Dish over the distribution of its content through Kwese TV to Zimbabwe viewers because they terminated all their agreements.

The company notified the courts of its withdrawal from the agreements with Dr Dish, after it persisted with the lawsuit against the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.

"Although Dr Dish had a content distribution agreement with Econet Media Mauritius, Econet Media Zimbabwe terminated all and any agreements with Dr Dish when it persisted with litigation against BAZ," an Econet Media spokesman said.

"At the time that Econet Media Zimbabwe ended the relationship with Dr Dish, Econet Media Mauritius also terminated its content distribution agreement with Dr Dish. Econet duly notified the courts of its withdrawal from the agreement with Dr Dish."

Econet Media was responding to The Herald article on the Supreme Court ruling in which BAZ won an appeal against a High Court decision allowing Dr Dish to distribute Econet Media Limited (Mauritius) content through Kwese TV to Zimbabwean viewers.

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