DISCOP and ONGEA! to host music rights event in Joburg

15 November 2018

Regulation & Policy

DISCOP, in partnership with ONGEA! Africa, will host a DISCORE music rights and supervision program in Johannesburg from 14 to 15 November.

The program is aimed at broadening networks, educating professionals, and promoting the music industry. Photo: DISCOP

Launched in South Africa last year, DISCORE is a comprehensive sidebar programme designed to specifically target the African music industry with a focus on music production and supervision for content, licensing, synch deals and other areas.

“DISCORE will provide a unique opportunity to learn from the pros and build relationships with international music supervisors as well as with film, television, digital content producers seeking original songs and scores that can accompany entertainment content destined for global audiences,” reads an official statement.

ONGEA! Africa founding director Mike Strano said since the launch last year, “DISCORE has made great strides in connecting African composers with music supervisors, working in advertising, film and television from Africa and the US”.

Sheer Publishing Africa music supervisor and publisher Mpumi Phillips says this year's program has new aspects. “Now back in Johannesburg, we’re pleased to be adding SynConnect to the program, which shall see composers and publishers of music pitching their work to music supervisors in advertising, film and television. In fact, popular television drama, Rhythm City is putting a sync deal on the table for any track deemed suitable.”

DISCOP markets CEO Patrick Zuchowicki said: "Music in film, television and digital content plays a role of discussing the challenges faced by today's composers in Africa for visual media makes a lot of sense. With the arrival of Netflix and other streaming platforms, music placement is changing and the DISCORE series will look at the trends and genres that directors and audiences respond to."

This year’s program will see a workshop for music industry practitioners, as well as a series of panel discussions aimed specifically at those working in music and film. Moderated by Mike Strano and facilitated by Mpumi Philips, the sessions are aimed at broadening networks, educating professionals, and promoting the music industry.

The workshops will help music industry practitioners understand synchronisation and highlight scoring in film, TV and digital music.

For more information about the DISCOP Johannesburg program, click here.