Kansanga Miracle Centre rolls out new TV Channel ‘Rest Television’ in Uganda

4 January 2019


Kansanga Miracle Centre on Thursday introduced a new faith-based television channel attended by several Born-again Church leaders in the country.

Through the TV Channel, Kansanga Miracle Centre founder and lead Pastor, Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi said the nation will have access to effective, quality and balanced programming.

The Chief guest at the grand launch, Pastor Robert Kayanja, declared, “This is another milestone in the Kingdom of God in this country. Television goes behind the curtains. It crosses and goes through the embassies. People at night in the bars, motels, when they are about to commit suicide, they can tune of the television and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Rest Television (Channel 53), will inspire and influence the world by bringing Jesus Christ into homes, workplaces, prisons, schools among other places across the country.

Kayanja further added, “The invisible chains that have been binding Africa, in 2019 they are breaking. The sign that the freedom has arrived is the 77 Days of Glory. It is the revival we are seeing. It is Channel 53. Africa, for the first time, we are about to beam the true gospel of miracles, signs and wonders to the rest of the world.”

Source: NexTVAfrica