TopStar Zambia expands coverage for local stations

31 January 2019


TopStar, a Zambian-Chinese collaboration on pay-TV services, has announced the growth of its signal coverage for local TV stations, reports Xinhua. The company, a joint venture of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and Chinese StarTimes Group, is Zambia’s official public signal distributor. TopStar’s Vice President Cliff Sichone announced the inclusion of an additional three local TV stations to its satellite dish service.


The statement also said that TopStar has the most extensive terrestrial signal coverage that carries more than 20 indigenous Zambian TV stations over a network of approximately 64 transmitters across all ten provinces. All the local television stations have been included on the StarTimes ON App, which offers video-on-demand and live streaming. The StarTimes app has been downloaded more than 360,000 times in Zambia.

Source: Telecomaper