HRW Film Festival to close with SA Film

15 February 2019

Content - Film

In the closing night film, the festival returns to one of its perennial themes: the promise of movement-building, action, and the fight for justice in Rehad Desai's stirring documentary Everything Must Fall, in which students mobilize demonstrations across South Africa with a call to lower university fees and, ultimately, for the decolonization of the entire education system. 'We have a responsibility not just to come here to study, but to go back in our communities and make sure that we are uplifting and empowering them,' said Shaeera Kalla, a student leader featured in the film.

Everything Must Fall features student leaders and their opposition as they discuss how, when South Africa's universities' raised their fees in 2015, a moment evolved into a mass movement. #FeesMustFall burst onto the political landscape and became a national conversation, bringing attention to the exclusion of poorer black South Africans from higher education.

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