Media Council Reveals That Radio Still Has The Largest Audience In Kenya

28 February 2019


The Media Council of Kenya has congratulated Kenyan radio journalists for overcoming all obstacles to make sure that Kenyans stay informed through the broadcasting medium.

While speaking in celebration of World Radio Day, MCK’s Deputy CEO, Victor Bwire revealed that radio still had the largest audience in Kenya compared to TV and online platforms.

Bwire said that this could probably be attributed to the fact that there are many stations that broadcast in Kenya’s two national languages as well as vernacular and that makes it easy for the listeners to tune in to their preferred stations.

He said that currently, there are approximately 179 radio stations in Kenya and most of them broadcast in vernacular languages.

According to the Deputy CEO, this had made it possible for Kenyans to not only access information and news but also participate in discussions and debates.

He explained that vernacular stations had more listenership because there are Kenyans who do not speak or understand Kiswahili or English.

He said that though there are various challenges being faced by radio journalists and media houses MCK remained committed to ensuring that they would be addressed.

Bwire announced that radio has a lot of potential for growth as there are still so many people who listen in as well as companies who are eager to advertise their services on the radio platform.

Source: The Star