First Ever Zim-China Produced Film Premieres In Zimbabwe- The Film Was Entirely Shot In Zimbabwe

14 March 2019

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African Chinese film

Zimbabwe’s friendship with China has transcended the political arena into the cinema with the premiere of a movie called When Africa Meets You. When Africa Meets You is a film which went into production two years ago as part of the cultural exchange between Zimbabwe and its ‘all-weather-friend’, China.

About the film

Africa Meets You

The film was entirely shot in Zimbabwe (Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls) and features a cast of both Chinese and Zimbabweans actors. When Africa Meets You involves a Chinese woman who finds herself in danger in the middle of poachers and diamond dealers in Zimbabwe’s most cherished town, Victoria Falls. In a nutshell, the film’s moral is about wildlife protection in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Source: TechZim