New TV Series focuses on human trafficking

9 April 2019

Content - Television

After shooting three feature films for M-net last year, Invision Studios has embarked on shooting a television drama series, Manhounds that touches the cutting edge subject of human trafficking.

Manhounds is a compelling and exciting 10-episode drama series whose story and production takes place in Zimbabwe. The plot revolves around four old friends whose lives take an unexpected twist after one of them, Tawanda comes back from Johannesburg.

His return is under the illusion that he has run away from Rufus, the head of a human trafficking operation in South Africa. He is unaware Rufus’ younger brother, Cobra, will seek him out in Zimbabwe.

Upon his return, Tawanda reunites with his childhood friends. His friends welcome him back into the fold but as fate would have it, Cobra infiltrates their once normal lives. Cobra creates havoc between the friends when he demands money from Tawanda. As a result, the friends find themselves getting roped into Cobra’s business of human trafficking.

Manhounds is one to watch and expect to see new faces such as Ian Swanepoel acting as Tawanda, Nyasha Nhongo who’s playing Kumbi, Tanaka Chiriga as Tamuka, Taurai Bayisayi as Jason, Joshua Warren as Cobra and a host of other cast members.

The series features many first time actors and one of the producers Blessing Chinanga mentioned that this was an intentional drive by the producers to incorporate fresh faces in the film industry.

Manhounds was written by Chinanga, Denise Edwards and Charles Mugaviri JR.

They are the founders of Invision Studios which is the Film and Television production company producing the series.

Invision’s function and purpose is to nurture the African film industry at large to create high end quality film and television productions for global distribution.

Check out the sneak peek below:


Source: Africa Press