Kenyan Film Director Secures a new TV series in USA

9 April 2019

Content - Television

A Kenyan Film Director, Wanuri Kahiu has secured a project in Hollywood after she was chosen to direct and write a new television series in the United States.


According to Hollywood media reports, Wanuri will work together with author Nnedi Okorafor to transform an Octavia Butler novel into a drama series for Amazon streaming services.


Wild Seed is set to be the first of Butler's Patternist sci-fi series to be produced under the American-based independent film company JuVee Production courtesy of award-winning actress Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, who has a deal with Amazon.


This project will be Wanuri's third stint in Hollywood as she is already directing two other projects. Last year Wanuri got her first big break in the US to direct for Universal, and in February, she was picked to direct Stranger Things starring Millie Bobby Brown and produced by Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine.


In a joint statement, both Okorafor and Wanuri described the book as a voice for women of colour. The two producers said that they had loved Octavia Butler’s work for decades, but Wild Seed is their favourite. They said that the plot is uniquely expansive and disturbing.


Wild Seed is a love/hate story of African immortals that connects Africans to the Diaspora. It seamlessly merges the scientific and mystical in a beautifully written story that is sure to resonate with viewers across the globe.

Source: All Africa