Streaming company, strikes deal with Nollywood

9 April 2019


AS African stories continue to appeal to the outside world, a media streaming company,, has taken a historical step to advance Africa’s film market through a Nollywood’s biggest multi-million dollar production fund Silverbird Group, Nigeria’s media and film company.

Founded by Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce. Silverbird Group is a diversified multi-media company with holdings in Radio, Television, Real Estate, and Cinemas, while is an innovative platform that provides a vast spectrum of high quality “Freemium” media content that includes, Music, Video (Film, Television Serials, etc.), Gaming and more. Like any streaming company, acquiring titles for distribution is at the core, but Streamliner also specializes in financing multimedia content.

“As the founder of an industry-leading fintech company, I am biased towards any opportunity to take advantage of synergies between finance and technology. After receiving many solicitations and evaluating numerous investment opportunities for film, TV, music and gaming projects, it became obvious to me that it would be pertinent to develop and launch a multimedia distribution platform with built-in financing modules, hence the creation of Streamliner, the world’s first multimedia fintech company. Steamliner is a multimedia streaming platform with the built-in ability to streamline the financing of film, TV, music and gaming projects, using our proprietary, data-driven underwriting process,” said Amadou Kane Diallo, Founder/Financier, Streamliner, Inc.

According to him, the Streamliner/Silverbird partnership is one that content providers can boast of as Streamliner will serve both as a medium of financial empowerment to innovative and experienced filmmakers in the African market, and also provide an exclusive distribution gateway to hundreds of millions in the fast growing African market this summer via Digital streaming, Television, and/or Movie screens across the continent.

Source: The Nation