VIPI TV to be launched in Kenya in May

24 April 2019


VIPI, a new TV station targeted towards youth culture will be launched in May. The new tv station is to promote and highlight Kenya’s booming music industry, to develop local artists and provide young Kenyans with the support to promote their talents.

According to a statement to the media, “Its content reflects a series of content silos that appeals directly to the interests and passion points of young people, reflecting the broadest range and depth of everyday cultures throughout Kenya. This includes music, other creative arts, pop culture, sport, entertainment, youth business aspiration and technology”.

“VIPI is the channel whose only task is to promote your content and create a market, following and potential revenue for your art,” the statement reads. “VIPI will develop unique and innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities, providing our clients with strong brand-focused ideas and activations that go beyond the traditional ‘spot/package’ advertising model.”

The launch of VIPI is a significant milestone for the local music industry.

Source: NexTVAfrica