African Union Of Broadcasting Secures Broadcasting Rights For 2019 Africa Cup Of Nations

24 April 2019

Content - Television

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced that the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) has been handed the FTA rights to broadcast the Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament that will be taking place from June 21 to July 19.

For Nigeria, this news means that millions of Nigerians will be able to enjoy the tournament through channels from the national broadcaster, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

African national broadcasters will finally be able to air the major sporting event in Africa for Africans for the first time in a very long while.

In recent times, the FTA rights had become too pricey for national broadcasters to access as the previous CAF executive committee ensured that the rights were extremely prohibitive. Only 12 out of 55 national broadcasters were able to acquire rights for the 2017 tournament in Gabon.

In February, the CAF announced the rollout of an emergency tender process for the broadcast rights which the African Union of Broadcasters has now secured. The tender process revealed that CAF was no longer allowing its marketing partner, the French company, Lagardere Sports, to handle the FTA rights task.

The AUB had long lost its voice in the sports broadcasting space, but now it is back and is ready to play its role in making sure that more Africans get to enjoy the action of AFCON on their countries' national broadcasters.

According to SportFive, the AFCON is Africa's most popular sports event with 650 over million people tuned in globally during its 2013 edition in South Africa.

Unfortunately, the African terrestrial market had been left out of broadcast deals due to the high cost of sporting rights. Only subscription broadcasters on the continent such as SuperSport could afford the expensive rights.

The NTA and others were merely onlookers as their national teams competed. This will change for the positive this year with the AUB now in much better standing.

Source: All Africa